About Mel

My love affair with words began around puberty. My first literary endeavor was as editor of my ninth grade yearbook. While I didn’t get to write all that much content on that project, I did learn a lot about photography, graphic design, and printing.

I was very blessed to land an internship at the Kansas City Star newspaper in my senior year of high school. Although I did a stint on all the various “desks” at the paper, my primary assignment was as a copy editor on the sports desk. My love for all sports made this perfect for me. During my nine months there, I edited box scores and game recaps and wrote an editorial about education for the main section of the paper.

After high school, I attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. I had intended to major in journalism, but after auditing some coursework there, I realized that my practical experience far outweighed the education I would receive there. College was expensive so I decided to spend my education dollars on other majors.

During the summer and post-graduation, I continued to work in the publishing industry. I wore a lot of hats – writer, editor, graphic designer, purchasing agent, and network/systems administrator. I started freelancing while still in college, always happy to help someone get their story out of their head and in print.


This site was created to help people who want to make money writing. We’ve all been told the myth that you can make massive amounts of money blogging. It’s just not true. While some people become famous as bloggers (or, more than likely were famous BEFORE they became bloggers), a blog is a method to communicate with your audience. To make money, you have to sell something. It’s that “something'” – content, expertise, advertising, products and/or services that is your business. Your blog is the way you offer your products/services to customers, it is NOT your business. For those of you who choose to disagree with this, try starting a blog with only a tip jar and see how much money you receive. For the most part, people don’t pay you to write a personal blog.

That being said, writing content for yourself and others is a good business to be in. On this site, I’m going to review sites and tools that can help you to build a freelance writing career.


I want to help you be successful, doing what you love – writing. Content is king, now more than ever. We’re going to look underneath the hood and peel back the layers of being a writer in this Internet age. Hopefully, we’ll have a few laughs and make a few bucks while we’re at it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to email me using the link below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,